10 Small Gestures to Make Your Partner Smile on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your relationship and show your love. That doesn’t mean you have to feel pressured into a grand display of your affection, though. Often, smaller gestures are appreciated as much – or even more!

Boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers are classics for a reason, and they might be what your partner prefers. But here are a few more ideas for small gestures that show you care.

  1. Send a text. Or a few texts throughout the day. Declare your love. Remind your partner why you fell in love with him or her in the first place.
  2. Write a note. Place it in your partner’s briefcase or lunchbox. Or put it somewhere in the house where they’ll discover it after you’ve left for the day.
  3. Pay them compliments. Tell them throughout the day all the ways you appreciate them. You can even prepare the compliments in advance and read from your notes.
  4. Do your partner’s chores. Walk the dog. Take out the trash. Do the dishes. Take over any responsibility your partner usually handles. It’s a great way to show you appreciate their contributions.
  5. Hold hands. Under the table at dinner. While you watch TV. Before going to bed. It doesn’t matter when; just find an opportunity to do it! It’s a wonderful simple way to connect physically.
  6. Clean up. Wash his or her car, and purchase a sweet-smelling air freshener for an added surprise. Or hire a cleaning service to come and clean the house while everyone is out.
  7. Get their favorite food. Cook their favorite meal. Order from their favorite restaurant. Or just buy their favorite snacks and treats from the store.
  8. Frame a photo of you together. It could be of a special memory you hold dear, your wedding day, or just a goofy shot of you having fun together.
  9. Feed each other dinner. It’s a great way to be intimate and laugh together. It may bring up memories of feeding each other cake at your wedding.
  10. Share a kiss. When you wake up. When you part ways. When you reunite. At dinner. Before you go to bed. Find any excuse to lock lips!

Still not sure what to do? Don’t be afraid to ask! Sometimes that’s the best way to discover what makes your partner feel loved.

Walt Ciecko, Ph. D., BCB
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