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Delaware psychologist, Walt Ciecko, has spent over three decades assisting individuals and couples with their relationship needs. Whether you're struggling to repair a troubled marriage, yearning for more intimacy with a partner, searching to resolve psychological trauma or striving for peak performance, Walt can help you reach your goals.

Couples Counseling

Building and sustaining a loving, emotionally nourishing marriage is far more challenging than many people realize. We are not trained in school how to listen effectively, and we also bring a bevy of unconscious beliefs and habits into our relationships, which can make communication more challenging. Using Imago Therapy and other techniques, Walt, a Delaware psychologist can help you and your partner resolve conflicts and build a more nourishing and empathetic connection.


Walt can introduce you to powerful workshops, ranging from weekend long sessions to longer sessions, to improve various facets of your relationships. Whether you're struggling to find that “someone special,” or you simply want to bring more passion and intimacy to your current relationship, these workshops can really help.

Premarital Counseling

If you think planning the wedding is stressful, wait until you have two young kids waking you up in the middle of the night: one with a fever and a rash, and the other with a tummy ache!

Researchers have found that couples who engage in premarital counseling tend to avoid divorce and to enjoy one another’s company more, in good times and bad. Walt can help you and your soon-to-be betrothed prepare for the big day and beyond.


Walt is a certified EMDR specialist, and he can help you use this therapy to recover and enjoy life more fully. EMDR is effective in working with experiences like car accidents and other stress related crisis situations.

Heart-Assisted Therapy (HAT)

HAT is the original work of psychologist John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D. Heart-Assisted Therapy is a mindful, humanistic, and dynamic approach to psychotherapy that uses "Awareness Streaming" in concert with the body's electro-physiology and respiration to facilitate healing and stabilizing shifts in emotions, sensations, cognition's and behavior. HAT has been used to successfully treat a wide variety of psychological conditions including trauma/ PTSD, anxiety/phobia, depression, loss/grieving, and support and performance issues, self-regulation issues, anger/stress management, and pain management.


Biofeedback is a technique that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purpose of improving health and performance.

Research shows that biofeedback, alone and in combination with therapy is effective for a variety of medical and psychological disorders ranging from headaches to hypertension to Raynaud's Disease to chronic pain. Biofeedback allows an individual a more active role in his or her own healthcare, involves a holistic emphasis on body, mind, and spirit, is non-invasive, and elicits the body's own healing response.

I have been using heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback to assist couples in lowering emotional reactivity and restoring a more heart-centered focus to couples work. In working with individuals, I use HRV biofeedback to increase performance and productivity and decrease stress.

As a Delaware psychologist board certified in the use of biofeedback, Walt can help you become sensitized to your body’s own rhythms and to use this knowledge to train better, become more productive, improve your mood, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

Men’s Groups

Walt has held and leads an ongoing men's group for over twenty years. The purpose of the men's group is to provide space for men to learn to support their own growth and that of important relationships in their lives. Are you looking for a space for personal growth, support and reflection?

Executive Coaching

We live in a world where we are bombarded with information, advice, and other “stuff” that pulls on our attention. To be an effective businessperson, entrepreneur or parent – or even just to lead fulfilling life – we need to develop our executive skills. Walt can help you develop and refine your peak performance skills.

Sports Coaching

 As a Delaware psychologist, Walt has worked personally with high performance athletes to help them break through barriers, overcome fear, and develop better resilience.

Professional Consultations with a Delaware Psychologist Walt Ciecko

Are you a mental health therapist who would like to further refine your skills and knowledge to move to your next stage in growth and effectiveness? Would you like to learn more about Imago Relationship theory and therapy. Walt is a certified Imago Consultant and Advanced Clinician who is interested in helping you.

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