About Walt Ciecko: Delaware Psychologist and Imago Therapist
with Over 30 Years Experience

Back in 1992, Walt Ciecko attended a couple’s workshop by Dr. Harville Hendrix. In retrospect, it was a defining moment.

The concepts that Dr. Hendrix introduced in that workshop, "Getting the Love You Want," inspired Walt to change the way he thought about his relationships and motivated him to learn and practice Dr. Hendrix's Imago therapy.

Over three decades later, Walt has amassed an impressive and diverse curriculum vitae. In addition to studying and practicing Dr. Hendrix’s methods, he has also mastered gestalt, biofeedback, EMDR, peak performance, existential humanistic, Heart-Assisted Therapy, and marriage and family therapies.

His litany of clients is similarly diverse.

  • He has helped families, groups, individuals, and couples all improve their relationships.
  • Walt offers empathetic and compassionate solutions to hard problems.
  • He knows the most effective relationship therapy methods, but he is anything but dogmatic and always on the alert for new ways of thinking about how to help his clients.
  • Walt helps people through both individual sessions and workshops.

How Can Walt Ciecko Help You?

When we struggle with relationships, we often feel alone, isolated, and without recourse. Even though you might intellectually understand that others have gone through similar crises, you still may believe that you, personally, are somehow “beyond hope.”

This kind of thinking may arise whether you're struggling with a difficult marriage, frustrated by having to care for a sick child or a parent, or stymied by hostile relationships at your office.

Walt does not believe in quick fixes to enduring relationship problems. Rather, he teaches you processes, methods, and techniques that you can use, again and again, to take more responsibility for your life and, simultaneously, to free yourself from the burdens of others’ expectations.

By using Walt’s techniques and teachings, you will find yourself more empowered, less distressed, and more positively oriented. Ultimately, you should see improvements not only in the substance of your relationships but also in the way in which you think and feel about those relationships.

Please get in touch with Walt Ciecko by calling 302-429-0195 or check out his services page or group workshops here on this site.

Walt Ciecko, Ph. D., BCB
605 Wynyard Rd
Wilmington, DE 19803