Which Individuals, Couples or Marriage Workshop in Delaware
Is Right for You?

Perhaps you're looking for a marriage workshop because you and your spouse of 20 years just cannot stop fighting about your teenager’s misbehavior. Or maybe you're newly engaged, and you want to avoid the communication issues that you've seen destroy too many relationships in your life.

Consider attending one of the following highly successful relationship workshops. Many of these borrow from a kind of therapy known as Imago Therapy, which is based on the insights and clinical experience of Dr. Harville Hendrix.

"Getting The Love You Want" - A Couples Workshop

This couples and marriage workshop is also based on the pioneering work of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. Over the course of the workshop, married and unmarried couples will rediscover the joy and spiritual potential of being together.

They will learn to be able to use their relationship for personal change and growth. You will learn how to cultivate compassion for your partner, break destructive cycles, surface and alter old negative patterns, and restore empathy and stability in your relationship.

You will also identify the unconscious patterns that drew you to your partner in the first place – and that could be creating impasses in your communication. In addition, you will learn tools for re-romanticizing your relationship and re-establishing the passion of your early time together.

What past participants have said about the couples and marriage workshop:

“This was easily the most helpful workshop I have experienced that deals with marriage relationships”

“This workshop had the single most profound impact on me and the way I relate in relationships more than any other therapy I have ever received or read about”

“Great tools and understandings to make me more effective in my life priorities and significant relationships”

“Your marriage workshop teachings caused my husband and I to stop and really appreciate each other for the first time in our 25 year marriage. We will no longer take each other for granted”

Fee: $750 per couple ($375 payable at registration, balance due 3 weeks prior to workshop.)

Getting The Love You Want Workshop (for couples)

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"Keeping Passion Alive in a Relationship" - A Couples Workshop
Maintaining and Enhancing Emotional and Physical Intimacy

This intensive workshop focuses on dealing with “passion and intimacy” issues, which subtly undermine all too many relationships in Delaware and elsewhere. For instance, you may want more intimacy, but your partner is withholding. Or your partner may feel more passion, and you are shut down, for some reason. The workshop is based on the work of Dr. Pat Love, author of the book Hot Monogamy. This workshop is designed for committed heterosexual couples who want to learn to deepen their level of intimacy and sexual passion in a safe professional setting.

The workshop is not designed as a primary treatment for sexual abuse, sexual obsession or addiction, or sexual dysfunction (erection difficulties, pain with intercourse, anorgasmia, etc.) However, people who are dealing with these issues are likely to find the workshop helpful.

What you can expect from participating:

This workshop is designed to help you gain new insights into your sexual style as well as your partner’s. Together, you will learn how to resolve conflicts and work as an intimate team. The workshop will consist of brief lectures, written exercises and suggestions for exercises you can experience together.

By attending the workshop, you will be able to assess and address the following key areas of your love relationship:

  • Sensuality
  • Affection
  • Sexual Desire
  • Romance
  • Communication About Sex
  • Sexual Technique
  • Intimacy
  • Body Image
  • Sexual Style
  • Gender Differences
  • Passion

What past participants have said about the workshop:

“A great way to deepen commitment and connection in committed couples”

“A sex positive workshop - filled with helpful information and suggestions about how to maintain a healthy sex life”

“Very helpful in getting over the hurdles that we have set in our path that prevent us from truly having a deeply loving and committed relationship”

“Great opportunity to connect with my partner more deeply in a non-threatening, non-judgmental and very supportive environment”

Fee: $525 per couple ($275 payable at registration, balance due 3 weeks prior to workshop.)

Keeping the Passion Alive in Relationship

  • 2022 Schedule Coming Soon

"Keeping The Love You Find" - An Individual Workshop - Not a Couples or Marriage Workshop

The unique design of this workshop is appropriate for you…

  • If you are single, disillusioned with love and relationships and never quite seem to meet “the right person”.
  • If you are divorced and struggling to discover “what went wrong” and “what can I learn from my past regarding significant relationships.
  • If you are widowed, and searching to “begin again” but are not sure how to be in another relationship.
  • If you want to improve all your relationships.
  • If you are ready to uncover patterns that are not working for you and replacing them with successful skills for connecting and finding a love to keep.

The Workshop includes lectures and guided imagery exercises. There will be written exercises and opportunities to learn new skills in communicating with others. A high degree of confidentiality and safety is maintained throughout the workshop.

What you can expect from participating in this workshop:

  • Identify your Imago - the fantasy or “ghost partner” that your unconscious mind, which has a hidden agenda of its own, has chosen for you.
  • Break from those patterns (both good and bad) in your parents' marriage that you have unknowingly internalized as your only acceptable relationship mode.
  • Recognize the ‘wounded child’ syndrome that may make you place unrealistic expectations on your partner without ever realizing it.
  • Learn and benefit from every past relationship.
  • Move toward mature, nourishing and enduring love that can immeasurably enrich your life.

What past participants have said about this workshop:

“Helped me better understand my defensiveness and what blocks me from being available to relationships”

“This experience really helped me identify my negative patterns and helped me learn what I could do to begin changing them”

‘This workshop allowed me to let go of more of the past hurt so that can move more into my future and other possible relationships. Thank you."

Fee: $375 per person ($200 payable at registration, balance due 3 weeks prior to workshop.)

Keeping The Love You Find

  • 2022 Schedule Coming Soon

"Start Right, Stay Connected" - A Pre-Marital Seminar for Newly Engaged Couples

This Imago Therapy based workshop is perfect for the newly betrothed. It combines brief lectures, exercises, lighthearted activities and private time to help you and your fiancé nourish and deepen the foundation of your relationship.

Studies show that premarital education, like this seminar, can reduce the likelihood of divorce by up to 30%. It can also prepare you for the inevitable, unexpected challenges you'll face together -- you know, the “in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer” stuff.

During the seminar, you will:

  • Learn how to nourish your relationship daily;
  • Use proven communication skills to make sure your partner really listens to you;
  • Develop skills for having the “important” conversations;
  • Craft a relationship vision;
  • Affair-proof your marriage;
  • Discover techniques to plan your wedding and stay sane.

Fee: $350 per couple ($200 payable at registration, balance due 3 weeks prior to workshop.)

  • 2022 Schedule Coming Soon

*CANCELLATION POLICY FOR ALL WORKSHOPS: If you decide to cancel, you must do so 21 days prior to the workshop to receive a refund less a $50 administration fee.

If you like more information about these individual, couples and marriage workshops, please connect with Walt via phone (302) 429-0195 or email him.

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