Interested in Marriage Counseling in Delaware?
Walt Ciecko Offers Professional Consultation and Coaching

Providing marriage counseling in Delaware (or anywhere) can be one of the most richly rewarding experiences in life. However, the road to becoming a successful, licensed practitioner is neither simple, nor intuitive.

Certified Advanced Imago Therapist and Consultant, Walt Ciecko, has developed proven systems and processes to educate those who want to help others get more out of their relationships, resolve conflicts, and deal with deep-seated issues related to sexuality, intimacy and listening.

His training background draws from many sources. Walt will work with you to help you choose the most appropriate curriculum based on your needs, skill set, timeline, and other factors.

Choosing Marriage Counseling in Delaware As a Career

People all over Delaware are hurting, often needlessly.

Most people are not taught in school how to develop, sustain, and troubleshoot healthy relationships. As a result, we often fall back on our own intuition and/or on hackneyed “self-help-y” ideas to deal with our personal problems.

  • The insights, advice, and guidance of an experienced Delaware psychologist, Imago therapist or other intermediary can vitally and positively impact people’s lives.
  • Helping a couple reconnect after years of miscommunication can feel wonderfully fulfilling.

However, to get to the place where you can create the conditions to help people in this powerful way, you need to train thoroughly, find the right mentors, and understand the processes and systems that underlie the most effective and scientifically-verified methods.

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