A Delaware Psychotherapist's Simple, Effective Solutions
for Relationship Troubles

Why should you turn to a Delaware psychotherapist, like Walt Ciecko, to solve deep-seated, profoundly personal relationship challenges in your life?

  • Perhaps you've tried therapy before, and it “didn’t work” or didn’t lead to sustained, positive results.
  • Or maybe you're just generally dubious about therapy even working for you.
  • Unfortunately, this cynical attitude about therapy is common.

It stems in part from the fact that many counselors are not effectively trained to help people in pain. They lack the right tools and techniques. Others simply may not have developed enough empathy and compassion.

If you have been let down or frustrated before by relationship therapy, take heart. For over 30 years, certified Imago Therapist and Delaware Psychotherapist Walt Ciecko has used his training, skills, and personal empathy to improve the lives of hundreds of people like you.

Inspired substantially by the works of Dr. Hendrix Harville's “Getting the Love You Want”, Walt uses Imago Therapy and other counseling practices to help clients break through barriers, nourish relationships, and positively challenge assumptions they have about themselves and about other people.

One of the techniques of Imago Therapy involves identifying the fantasy partner that your unconscious mind has essentially chosen for you and learning from that insight. Your unconscious has its own agenda: it leads you to form and maintain certain types of relationships.

Until you are able to identify the "below the surface" patterns, habits, and desires that motivate your behavior, your relationship problems may persist through any intervention.

Imago Therapy uses guided imagery, lectures, written exercises, and other types of introspection to help clients recognize hidden patterns, let go of unrealistic expectations, and see challenging relationships as learning opportunities as opposed to burdens. Walt offers a variety of workshops as well as individual, group and family counseling.

Delaware Psychotherapist, Walt Ciecko, Helps You Understand Relationships Better

Our past beliefs and habits have a profound influence not only on our present but also on our future. To escape from the invisible, intangible barriers that keep us constrained in dysfunctional relationships and make it challenging for us to even spot our own less-than-resourceful patterns, we often need outside help.

Walt can help you by using Imago Therapy and other methods to enrich your life, improve your relationships, and make decisively positive changes. Connect with Delaware psychotherapist Walt Ciecko by calling 302-429-0195. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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