5 Ideas for Fun Winter Date Nights – No Matter What the Weather

winter date nightsDon’t let the frigid weather prevent you from enjoying a date night!

Having fun together is important for maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Just like you might schedule household chores or workouts, set a time for date night and stick to it.

Here are a few ideas to inspire winter date nights.

1. Have a board game night.

If you can’t get a sitter, this is a great option for a warm, in-home date. Just wait until the kids go to bed and pull old games out of the closet like Monopoly or Scrabble.

Or, if you want an added challenge, buy a new game online, and then you can learn it together.

Patchwork and Tsuro of the Seas are two games that can be learned quickly but are hard to master. Settlers of Catan and Power Grid are a bit more complicated to learn if you’re up for a challenge.

And if one or both of you is a little too competitive, consider a challenging cooperative game like Pandemic, Forbidden Island, or Forbidden Desert so that you’ll win or lose as a team!

2. Go ice skating.

Has it been a while since one or both of you went out on the ice? Then this is a great date idea for enjoying some laughs together.

Challenge each other to try out different moves, like spinning around, going backward, or doing a figure eight, but make sure you wear plenty of padding and always make safety your first priority.

If ice skating really isn’t your thing, find another winter activity you haven’t tried in a while, such as sledding, skiing, or even having a snowball fight.

Whatever you choose, find a spot to enjoy hot chocolate or a bowl of soup together afterwards.

3. Make smores together.

Do you have a fireplace or outdoor fire pit? If not, a toast oven or even your microwave will do just fine.

All you need is graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. But don’t be afraid to experiment. There’s no end to smores variations out there, and you can always come up with your own. Do a quick Google search and choose a few to test out.

Not a fan of smores? Consider decorating a gingerbread house instead. (They’re available at a discount after Christmas!) Or enjoy some Irish coffee together.

4. Build a fort.

Remember the childhood joy of building a fort? Relive it with your partner.

Get some sheets, blankets, and sleeping bags. Set up your fort, then decorate it with a string of holiday lights.

You can make an indoor camp site, get a flashlight, and share ghost stories. Or set it up in front of the TV so you can snuggle up together and watch an old movie.

5. Paint the snow.

Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring. Then find a snowy spot to create your masterpiece.

You can work together to create something. Think of an idea and make it happen. Then take a photo of the final result.

Or you can challenge one another to see who can create the best artwork. Whoever wins gets a massage when you get back indoors!

If you’re not too cold when you’re done, take a stroll together. Hold hands. And just enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland.

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