What Could Be Getting in the Way of Your Gratitude

relationship helpThanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It gives us time to sit down with our loved ones and express our gratitude.

Gratitude can keep you going through tough times in your relationship. We all know the warm feeling of truly appreciating what we have … so it is an upsetting feeling when we fail to reach that heightened sense of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.

By exploring the things that hinder us from feeling thankful, we can change our perspective and enjoy a more gracious and positive Thanksgiving. We can also bring these techniques into our relationships for more joy and fulfillment everyday.

So let’s start. What stops you from feeling grateful?

You are too busy preparing for Thanksgiving.

The holidays can easily be equal parts exciting and extremely stressful, especially Thanksgiving, and especially if you are hosting your family’s dinner.

It’s common to spend most of your Thanksgiving preparation sorting out family drama, running around getting everything ready, or even researching Black Friday deals.

Take a step back and consider what is really matters to you and what really has to get done.

You have unrealistic expectations.

We run around like chickens (or in this case, turkeys,) with our heads cut off, because we want our dinners to be perfect. Sometimes, these goals are unrealistic.

There are always going to be bumps in the road, whether we are trying to cook a dinner for dozens of people or grow our relationships. Often, when we can’t reach our goals, we lose sight of how much we worked or how close we were to achieving them.

Instead of constantly thinking about the next thing you have to do, or how your dinner is going to taste, take some time to see how far you have come, how much you have, and how much you have accomplished.

You don’t practice gratitude daily.

Gratitude should not be reserved for the third Thursday of November. Every day, we should tell ourselves one thing that we are thankful for. This is not just a way to prepare for Thanksgiving; adding positivity and gratitude into our daily lives will elevate our mood and bring us a happier life.

Clear out anything that is getting in the way of your gratitude this holiday season. Incorporate giving thanks into every day and every meal.

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