Delaware Relationship Therapy: Bond by Learning Something Together

We grow every day by shifting our perspective and learning new things. One of the most fulfilling benefits of being in a relationship is growing and changing with your partner.

There are many ways that you will go through this process automatically, but if you would like to be more active, taking a class with your partner is a wonderful way to form a unique bond, create fun memories, and even inspire future date nights with your partner.

What are some examples of classes that may be fun to experience together?

Take a foreign language class. A new language will give you an additional way to express your love for your partner, and it may just inspire the destination for a future romantic vacation. Look for classes in French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian; these four are considered the “romance languages.”

Learn American Sign Language. Have young children and no time for an exotic vacation? “Sign” up for sign language classes – your whole family can get involved! Babies as young as six months old can learn and communicate through sign language, so if you have a very young family member, seek out Baby Signing Classes that utilize ASL. Learning sign language together will help every member of your family communicate more effectively.

Enjoy cooking classes. Courses that teach you how to cook can be the perfect setting for a fun date night out – plus, they provide a good excuse for future date nights in! Get close to your partner in the kitchen and learn a new dish for parties, potlucks, or a romantic evening at home. Learning exotic dishes will also help you immerse yourself in a new culture and take a sort of mini-vacation – without having to go through a security check!

Let your inner Picasso out. Art classes provide many different ways to get creative and add a personal piece of art to your home. Find a medium that interests both of you: painting, sculpting, pottery, and so on. You can also consider “painting and wine” classes that couple learning with sharing a class of vino! Even if you’re not the next Picasso, you and your partner can use the opportunity to loosen up and laugh at each other’s creations.

Let’s get physical! Taking a class can engage way more than your brain. By learning a new sport or unique form of exercise with your partner, both of you can get your muscles moving and your endorphins pumping! Browse through classes at your local gym, community center, or YMCA. Martial arts, capoeira, massage, or yoga can give you and your partner a new perspective on activities and exercising around the world.

Cut a rug. Speaking of getting physical, one of the best “couples’ learning” experiences has to be taking a dance class. Impress all of your friends and family members at the next wedding or party with a fun ballroom, tango, or salsa routine. Dancing also allows you and your partner to get intimate while having fun and learning something new. It can even help to spice up your love life!

These are just a few possibilities. Browse through listings in your area to find something that appeals to you or your partner. Have an open mind, and be willing to take a leap and try something totally different.

Learning new things with your partner can stimulate your mind, growth, and relationship.


Walt Ciecko, Ph. D., BCB
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