Ten Fun Ways to Bond and Celebrate Halloween

Delaware Relationship Counselor

Halloween fun isn’t only for children. You and your partner can bond and improve your relationship by celebrating Halloween in these ten creative ways.

1. Bob for apples.

This is an easy, inexpensive way to laugh together, which releases feel-good hormones. Fill a large bowl or bucket with water and take turns dunking your head in to grab an apple with your teeth. The first person who successfully grabs an apple is the winner of a back rub!

2. Carve pumpkins.

Sharing a creative activity, like pumpkin carving, can boost the friendship factor in your relationship. Help one another prep the area and scoop out the seeds. You can toast them in the oven with a little salt and oil for a tasty, healthy snack to enjoy after you work. Once your pumpkins are carved, set them outside and snuggle together on the porch while you admire your handiwork. You can enjoy a cup of hot apple cider together while you bond.

3. Enjoy a nature hike.

Take in autumn’s beauty by hiking through the woods together. Once you reach a picturesque vista, spend a few moments enjoying the view together. Pack a light snack to enjoy, like a trail mix with fall-colored candies thrown in.

4. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Each of you can hide five inexpensive gifts either around the house or outdoors, depending on the weather. Celebrate the fun of surprises by making up clues for your partner, and reward them with their favorite candy or thoughtful trinkets.

5. Look at old photos.

Most of us have photo albums and scrapbooks that we rarely take time to look through. Bring them out of hiding and relive happy memories from past Halloweens while you wait for trick-or-treaters to come to your door. You’ll probably enjoy some laughs together over old hairstyles and costume choices, and you may even rekindle old feelings by reminiscing together.

6. Make sweet treats.

Light a fire in your fire pit and make s’mores. Make caramel apples and roll them in nuts, candies, or cookie bits. Pop some popcorn, then scatter on a cookie sheet and roast with nuts and caramel to make caramel corn. If you like pumpkin-flavored foods, make pumpkin muffins or pumpkin lattes. Whatever your fancy, you can have fun together by making a special Halloween treat to share.

7. Visit a Halloween attraction.

If it’s been a while since you did something silly and fun together, a haunted house might be a great way to make a new memory. Too scary for you? Go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze instead. No matter where you visit, hold hands as you walk around.

8. Tell ghost stories.

Check out a book of ghost stories from the library and read to each other. Better yet, sit by a campfire and make up your own stories while wrapped up in a blanket together.

9. Watch an old movie.

If it’s been a while since you enjoyed an Alfred Hitchcock film, a classic thriller, or a newer horror movie (if that’s your thing), cuddle together on the couch and squeeze each other tight during the scary scenes.

10. Wear a costume to bed…

What is your partner’s fantasy? There’s no shortage of “sexy” costumes on the market. Head down the Halloween costume aisle together and have fun picking one out for each other. Then, on Halloween, put on your costume when you’re along together in the evening and let the sparks fly!

If you need more help putting the fun back into your relationship, check with a Delaware relationship counselor. Help and hope is available for couples like you.

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