Delaware Marriage Counselor: How to Develop a Conscious Partnership

As a Delaware marriage counselor, I’ve talked to clients who say that sometimes they feel incredibly close to their partner, but other times they just don’t understand where their partner is coming from. Relationship problems arise when we get into arguments and can’t empathize with the other person. Whenever the couples I counsel tell me this, I work with them on an Imago therapy practice called developing a conscious partnership.

If you’re not familiar with Imago therapy, you may not understand what a conscious partnership is. The founder of Imago therapy, Harville Hendrix, describes it as “a relationship that fosters maximum psychological and spiritual growth.” That means that each person is supporting their partner’s psychological well-being by working to understand their feelings and personal history.

What Does a Conscious Partnership Look Like? Delaware Marriage Counselor Explains

Couples who want a conscious partnership need to dialogue when they are having relationship problems rather than becoming combative or ignoring whatever’s been going wrong. This dialogue shouldn’t focus on what one partner perceives as the other’s faults, but should instead concentrate on how each partner feels. No one’s a mind-reader, so even if you think your partner should be able to intuit how you feel, they’ll never know exactly what’s going through your mind until you tell them.

Talking through relationship problems is important because most of the time, an argument isn’t just about what’s happening at the time – it’s also about past unresolved issues. By dialoguing with your partner, you can get to the real source of the problem faster and work together to resolve the issue.

Delaware Marriage Counselor: A Conscious Partnership Takes Time

Developing a conscious partnership takes practice, and that’s why you and your partner need to keep up an ongoing dialogue, even when you’re not in the middle of a heated conflict. By communicating honestly and openly, you’ll be better able to empathize with one another when relationship problems do arise, and you’ll be able to work together to overcome them rather than just fighting.

Of course, starting this kind of dialogue is not always easy; sometimes you just don’t know where to begin. If you’re feeling lost but want to work on developing a conscious partnership with your significant other, the two of you should try talking to a Delaware marriage counselor who has been trained in Imago therapy.

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