Delaware Marriage Counselor: 5 Ways to Renew Your Relationship in the New Year

A new year provides you with an opportunity to start off on the right foot in every aspect of our life, including your relationship.

By reflecting on your relationship at the start of 2016, you can see if there are ways to improve your connection and make it the best it can possibly be. Work to let go of any mistakes and problems from last year. Give one another a fresh start!

Here are 5 tips to renew your relationship in the New Year.

  1. Talk to your partner more. Communication is necessary for any relationship to work. Couples who talk with their partners often are more satisfied with their overall relationships.But finding time to communicate and really talk to your partner can be hard with our busy schedules. That’s why you have to prioritize and make time to talk.
  2. Show your appreciation. It can be really easy to take things for granted in a long-term relationship. You might be so grateful that your partner makes you a cup of coffee in the morning, washes the dishes every evening, or takes out the trash on Mondays. But do you ever share that appreciation?Even if your partner is doing something that he or she always does, tell them how much you appreciate their actions. Not only will it make your partner feel good, but it will also let them know the things they do matter.
  3. Try something new. If you feel bored with your relationship, it might just be that you’re stuck in a predictable routine. Doing something different can renew feelings of passion, excitement, and fun.Try shaking up your routine by doing something new with your partner. You could take a cooking class, go kayaking, take a road trip, or do anything you want as long as you’re doing it together.
  4. Be more patient. Overreacting to insignificant things can cause tension and aggravate a situation. And much of the time, it simply isn’t necessary.Make a commitment to take a step back before jumping to anger or frustration and see if it’s even worth that reaction. Sometimes we just need to say, “What’s done is done,” and laugh about it or try to talk about it in a more measured manner.
  5. Put down your phone. Your phone is a distraction. Whether you’re using it to email, text, check the sports score, or browse the news, it’s taking your attention away from your partner.The easiest solution to correct this problem is to simply put your phone down. When you’re spending time with your partner, make the choice to be present in that moment and ignore any distractions that take you out of that moment. Your partner will be happy that you did.

Make your relationship a priority in 2016 by putting forth the work and effort necessary to make your relationship better, stronger, and happier. Share these tips with your partner so that, together, you can renew your relationship and make it thrive this year!

If you need more help, set a regular time to talk to a Delaware marriage counselor. Making a commitment to focusing on one another this year is the best resolution you can make.

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