8 Ways to Be More Supportive of Your Partner

Delaware couples counselorA supportive relationship bolsters the emotional strength and happiness of both partners. Especially when difficulties arrive, it’s important to offer your partner the support they need.

Here are eight ways to show your partner the support they are looking for.

  1. Be trustworthy. If your partner shares his or her heart with you, that’s a valuable gift. Make sure you are trustworthy with your partner’s emotions. If you criticize, dismiss, or mock the feelings they share, they won’t trust you, and barriers may form in your relationship. Also, keep what your partner shares with you private.
  2. Listen well. Be aware of your partner’s feelings. Process what they are saying before you rush to share your thoughts. Try not to judge your partner for how they feel, even if you disagree. When your partner feels heard, they will feel supported.
  3. Use supportive words. When you are in front of others, compliment your partner. Choose to speak with a loving tone. Even if you disagree, express your difference of opinion in a calm, respectful manner. Remember to say the words “I love you” every day. Those three words are powerful means of support.
  4. Offer advice wisely. Sometimes your partner simply wants you to listen without offering advice. Other times they will seek your help in making a decision. Ask your partner before offering advice. If they want to hear your advice, offer it with kindness.
  5. Show love and affection. Physical touch is important for your partner to feel supported. Work in several times per day where you offer non-sexual touches, and you’ll both reap the benefits.
  6. Serve your partner. What jobs or chores does your partner need help with? Think of your partner’s least favorite chore and take it off their hands every so often. Your partner will know that you appreciate them when you acknowledge the services they normally provide.
  7. Give gifts. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Pick up your partner’s favorite candy bar or a single flower the next time you’re at the grocery store. A magazine, coffee mug, or new shirt could be just the pick-me-up your partner needs.
  8. Go all-in when times are tough. If your partner is going through an especially difficult time, be their go-to source for support. Learn how your spouse feels loved most from the ways listed above and give them extra support to lift their spirits.

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