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  • Are you looking for quality relationship advice that you can apply immediately to heal a rift that's been growing between you and your partner?
  • Do you want to "affair-proof" your marriage or fix your relationship after infidelity?
  • Do you need help with diverse situations in your life regarding wellness, health, performance and personal productivity?
  • If so, the resources on this page can help you, especially if you need ongoing, scientifically supported advice for how to get more out of your key relationships.

Complimentary Consultation With Relationship Advice For You

Walt Ciecko, a licensed Delaware psychologist with over 32 years practical experience in diverse methods of therapy, including Dr. Hendrix Harville’s Imago Therapy, would like to talk with you to discuss what's been going on with your relationships to determine whether and how he might be able to help you.

During your free consultation, Walt will listen carefully to your needs and suggest a strategic course of action. Even if he cannot be of service, he will be more than happy to point you towards other resources to help you gain clarity on your problems and work towards solving them.

For instance, you may be struggling with your spouse: he or she seems unwilling or unable to listen to you, perhaps. You want to “fix” this problem somehow, but you're not quite sure what relationship advice would be best.

To make effective progress, you may need to ask better questions, and you may need objective, professional guidance. Delaware psychologist Walt Ciecko can help you via individual, group or family sessions as well as through his work with biofeedback and workshops.

Get in touch with Walt right now using our online contact form, or call him today at 302-429-0195 Ext. 1.

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